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Voices in a Voice – Chanda ‘Medley’ Chongo

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Voices in a Voice


Yes I can’t deny

there are times when I get lost in my tiny world

where tears are an infinite remedy

a cold world that fills my mind with sadness.

It’s more like Hennessey

brewing bitter voices in my mind

I don’t get this anymore

I feel dead inside—

My shadow dwindles away from my body

yet I’m a man who scorches under the sun.

It feels like am walking a journey that has no path.

I keep on chasing pavements

even though they lead me to nowhere.

Is it because I’m a replica of lost comets

dangling in cornerless walls of the universe?

Is it because I love walking on the sea shores

where sea waves sing emotional songs?

Yes I do feel these Adele melodies

plopping in my blood.

“Mad world” just like as I sing this song with dad.

I’m a man who crawls on bended knees

trying to catch the stars

but they keep on drifting away

‘wish you could see my scars—

Sometimes I try to see myself in the mirror

but no, all I see are mirrors in a mirror.

broken pieces ladened with my masculinity.

My head has become a calabash of pain

it sucks on bitter memories

and voices that echo in my dusty heart.

One, two and then three

I pierce my voice through a crowded crowd

but no one hears my cries

‘wish they could pause for a second

and have a glimpse of my scars

and listen to the husky voices in a voice.

Chanda Chongo is an emerging writer from Zambia, Central Africa. He writes mostly about issues affecting the African community; nevertheless, he has built his writing skills around all genres. He’s currently writing his first book. His works have featured on Youth Shades Magazine and several other platforms.


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