Two Poems – Ross Stager

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Play Me

I like the high notes

of a guitar or piano


like currency

in the pocket

of the working

poor, under stress

like the saintly

patience of a mother

to a pair

of irritated siblings

— strangers

to their own kin

— dark spirits their

only peer.

Our last valid

excuse just

now ruined.



The Paradox of an Active Mind

A token

of respect

for every


of suicide.

Do we


gum up

the internal

works with

a single



on the paradox

of an active mind?


to bear


outside of it

on what sits


our ears.

Ross Stager is a student of philosophy and English at the University of Minnesota and have published a few poems online at such places like Otoliths, Alimentum, and Inner Sins, as well as a short-story for The Bacon Review. He is also a night manager and produce clerk at a small grocery store in the southern suburbs of Minneapolis. He likes to use Twitter as a micro-poetry workshop at times with the handle @RossStager


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