Two Poems – Stella Allou

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A Woman’s Heart

A woman’s heart is as deep as a well

Holding the deepest secrets both bitter and sweet

It can withhold both tears and laughter to swell

But God crated her specially to be able to stand the heat


A woman’s heart is as fragile as an egg

It must be handled with much care and love

Together with soothing music and not a dirge

Keep her as safe as a dove


A woman’s heart is as precious as gold

Shining radiantly and glittering in the glow

Requires regular refining to prevent it from becoming old

She perseveres and will never let go


A woman’s heart is as sweet as honey

It cannot be bought with money

But with care, love and understanding

So respect every woman in your narration



Deafening silence

It happened to me on a starry night

That was the first time I heard silence so loud

We went on a first date and I was already naming our first child

But I was answered with a deafening silence


They say words sting; but silence is what breaks the heart

I wish I hadn’t expressed my love in such a short while

I’d rather you sting me with the cruelest words

Than meet me with a deafening silence


Everything about you stirs something within me

It is indescribable and comes with a price tag

The further I probe, the more silence keeps building

I can’t stand the deafening silence


Just when you feel like leaving

Remember I’ll be here by the ocean

Waiting for proof that there are sunsets and silhouette dreams

You remain a true reflection of deafening silence


Stella Allou is a young lady from the Upper East Region of Ghana. Her poems are mostly based on love, life and personal experiences. Some of her poems and writings have been published in popular local newspapers such as The Mirror. In 2014, she co-authored a poetry book titled Colourful Poetry with Wilson Ayinbagya Amooro, also from Ghana. Stella is a Registered General Nurse by profession.


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