Two Poems – Shari Jo LeKane-Yentumi

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Life after the Fall 

Life after the fall descends to winter of discontent,

relentless struggle to recall a time without lament

when wind flowed freely as we sailed

and all our troubles were availed;

amazing how we failed to guard a life much better spent.


Trickle in the pail the water slows its low descent

to merely droplets in a bucket like the tears that fall and vent.

A silent call for help while strange adversity prevails.

Life after the fall.

Wonder of it all as thunder pounds upon cement.


Rainfall spilling brainwash to the ground as hearts repent.

Judgment, jury, trial; in denial, tooth and nail.

Dream scapes walk the mile of our self imposing jail.

Waking hours smile in a hell without relent.

Life after the fall.



Always Never There

Absent hearted friend,

you were always never there

to remind me of the empty embraces

that I wished would overtake the darkness

of lonely nights in solitude.


Your vacant purple stares

reflect a multitude of worldly places

occupied by lies and various persona

answering questions with questions.


Opalescent transparency in a shattered mirror

represents the fragmented reality of broken time

through which neither of us sees eye to eye.


Thoughts escape any rational purpose:

Life on the tightrope… JAZZ…The pursuit of happiness…

and the White House was built by slaves….


Karmic virtue has flushed to mush

revealing no feeling from a heart of stone

that left at best the body of a skeleton.

Broken promises.


Dual lives.

Shattered trust.

Violated space.

Double standards!


Perhaps I thought I knew you once.

Perhaps I thought you once knew me.

Perhaps, we even cared.

Shari Jo LeKane-Yentumi lives with her family in St. Louis, Missouri, where she writes articles, poetry and prose. She consults, teaches creative writing to men in a maximum security jail, and works for civil rights attorneys. Shari attained a B.A. in English and Spanish and an M.A. in Spanish from Saint Louis University in Madrid, Spain and St. Louis, Missouri. She has a novel in verse, Poem to Follow, and a book of poetry, Fall Tenderly. Many of her poems have appeared worldwide in multiple poetry anthologies, literary magazines, and most recently in Spoken Word on CD. Shari considers herself a modern formalist, addressing contemporary issues in poetic verse with a stylized language.


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  1. Mary Sayler

    February 13, 2017 at 11:45 pm

    Readers will surely identify with Shari’s poetry and welcome their honesty too.

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