Two Poems – Covenant Chimnonso Benjamin

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I am a failed artist
Trying desperately to
Paint the image of home;
Trying to capture the biting sarcasm
And highlight the blur of dry jokes;
Trying to illustrate the beauty of hearty laughter
Shared over a bowl of fufu
Lying beside the accompanying soup;
Trying to describe
The spittle dribbling down chins
And ribs quaking with mirth.
I am a failed artist
Trying so hard to tell the story
Of the colour in his home.




the sound of music

is wild screaming

and flying hands

in the afternoon breeze.

bare buttocks

barely covered

by threadbare underpants

discordant tunes of laughter

filling eardrums

on a week end.

C .C. Benji was born into an average family and with a strong indignation for average and for patterns. He writes and enjoys photography, sarcasm and rap music because they are ways by which he finds expression of all the anger and hate and all the weight that this material world burdens him with. His poetry is mostly influenced by works of dead poets like King Solomon, King David Hughes, Baldwin, Achebe, Cassius Clay and a number of others. He enjoys a healthy helping of beans with a flattering splatter of plantains, a plate of which he just finished consuming before composing this umpteenth ‘about me’.


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