Two Poems – Bikram Kumar Mohapatra

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Bare Solitude

This is the kind of solitude

that restores the ambiguity of thought

and shields a sad screen on consciousness.


The amorous man’s soliloquy

is about the modernity of sex

and the poet looks for

the new born words.


Before the evening

the infernal smoke uproars

from the kitchen.

The nest coming birds

have a glimpse on the poet and the man

while flying away with their bare crotches.


Birds hovering trivial to man

and inspiration to the poet.


Suddenly a ghostly silence succumbs

the forgetfulness in depression

As another setting sun

spills the past on water.


Before the last ember

dies from the burial

before the last whisp of smoke ends


The man weeps

A lulling sanity unravels the poet

The sobbing sound emanates from him

as an elegy

which is sweetest more and eternal.

In the Moments of the Setting Sun

In the indifferent moment of the setting sun

the spirit of bonhomie elongates on the

surface of water.


An old fisherman sits silently beside the

river looking intently for a better prey in



Hours drift slowly shackled by the

wriggling hope


In the widening dusk a stupid desperation

broods over the fisherman with a strange

failure of tactics suddenly, an unidentified

effortless impotence curves before

his rheumy eyes.


Time and again a kingfisher hovers round the

sky dives with the blue of the sky in to the blue

of the water and comes out victorious with

virtuous moments as a living fish crawls into

its beak for an eternal gloom.



just before the evening an owl hoots in the

emptiness of destiny the ruminatve shadow

of the fisherman becomes silhouetted against

the amplitude of water.


He gets himself ready to catch it as a fish by

stretching his net over the surface.


Although, the sun moves westward offering the

reddish darkness for an infinite order of the world.

Bikram Kumar Mohapatra from odisha. India, is a senior lecturer in English. He is a poet and critic, widely published poems and articles in the journals of India. He has recently published a book on poetry criticism from Adhyayan publisher New Delhi in the title Metaphysics of confession the poetry of Sylvia Plath and Kamala Das. A research oriented creative man that believes in art of life.


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