Two Poems – Anindya Mohan Tagore

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Naked Truth

We are very civilized people

We hate nudity and banned porn

We cover everything – even the naked truth

Rape is prevalent – but, we do it in private

Only the poor children can be found naked here

Sorry, we could not cover them all



Smoking is Injurious

Smoking is bad,

Out of fad”, says

my lad of eight

Don’t smoke again

It does slain you

Gives pain to us

I do not bluff

Said, “Enough!” Took

a puff to think


Anindya Mohan Tagore has done his Masters in Business Management and an ex-marketing marketing professional turned businessman who breathes in poetry. His poems have been published in six international anthologies and had won many poetry contests. He has attended the 9th International Poetry Festival, Guntur, India after getting an invitation from the English Dept. of JKC College. He plans to publish his own anthology shortly.


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