Two Poems – Akor Emmanuel Oche

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for those whose

sanity went on suicide voyages and

died in the last depression,

for her whose season of shameful show

arrives when others choose to

rape coldness in the solitude of their huts.

She cries with a voice calling

all to join in her maddening chants.



sea, heal

to the sea:

cool my blazing

with your ephemeral touch,

open your shores, oh rival of the flame,

let your waves heal this land.

I come to your banks,

not to listen to them

that stagger me to stupor— sermons—

of Africa lost in

the annals of

history that farts

her left, right, and

center. My

land knows no peace;

heal her scarlet wounds,

lick them like a caring

dog, with the whoosh

of your waves. Heal me too

Akor Emmanuel Oche is a member of Caprecon development foundation www.caprecon.net, Greatminds organization, African Haiku network….His  work has appeared or forthcoming in Ann Arbor Review, Provocanyon Review, Prachya Review, Savehage Review, Expound Magazine, Praxis magazine, Synchronized Chaos Magazine, Tuck Magazine among others.


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