Two Artworks – Mufutau Apooyin

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A Bustling Day in Lagos


At the River Bank


Mufutau Apooyin lives and works as a full-time professional studio artist in Lagos where he was born. He obtained an HND with distinction in Painting from the Yaba College of Technology, Lagos in 2002, and has won several awards to his credit. He won Kolade Oshinowo award for Landscape Artist of the year organized by the Society of Nigerian Artists, Lagos Chapter. Apooyin has a strong passion for water, which is why most of his paintings feature sea, rivers and lakes. Prominent among his works is a series of paintings on Oko-Baba, Makoko and other riverine areas in Lagos and Nigeria at large. His interest lies largely in the rendition of ripples and reflection of objects in the water and on wet grounds during and after the rain. Mufutau incredibly paints the ripples so real to the point of creating an illusion of moving water on his canvas.

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