Three poems – Abayomi Ogunniyi

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Waves of time and seconds,

the passage of years and


The memory are drawn to the

remnants of deeds in the air of

time and moment.

The wandering touch our soul

absorb as water to thirsty


Minds far away from its bridge,

The breathe of ignorance that fell

across its ditch.

Eyes gaze at the hills,

Roaming thought unseen across

the wild lines of your mind.

Wandering voice of the soul,

The passage of scars in the fury

of the past.

The ageless sounds of memory,

If days were brilliant miles of


the night are long sojourn of

mystery forgone within the

shadows across the clouds.




Landscape hidden in the

shades of tree and


The art of clay painted in

the mud of solitude for

the comfort across the


Cold street of twisted

tales and script of the


The desire for knowledge

beneath the scrolls of

culture and tradition.



Stars and Wars

The lines are bright beneath

your dark surface oh earth.

Far above your walls I move

unseen,  your hands are unclean

to touch my cloak.

Oh earth no place to rest my


wandering in your shreds of

manipulation across the


We watch you smote by day,

We observe your burial of breeds

by the tick of the dark.

Abayomi Ogunniyi was born in the city of Lagos, where he resides. His love for poetry is very strong that he considers it a page of his life. Abayomi works have been featured on various journals both locally and internationally. He is a lover of art and mostly inspired by works that bring him to life.


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  1. Vasily Mikhailovich Doestovski

    July 1, 2017 at 4:42 pm

    Abayomi always writes so well

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