this is how to live – Stanley Princewill McDaniels

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this is how to live

Separate soul from water &

living becomes a lonely road

in the life of a radio

if living is a song, how do i sing?


how do i sing when my voice is an empty stream,


how do i sing when my voice tastes like teardrops

from the ruins of a broken god?

he said, first, open your mouth into a shadow

it is the exit out of oblivion


each day opens like a double door so,

open yourself to the colours of a rainbow

to liberate a chimney filled with pain smouldering out

as music notes to a sad song


he said, it takes light to separate a shadow

from a body, to be as soft & beautiful

as the world beneath the sea;

living is the flow of water. take a dip

Stanley Princewill McDaniels is a Nigerian poet & solitaire. His works have appeared/forthcoming on various online and print literary outfits. He is a 2016 Ebedi Writers Residency Fellow.

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