Robert Beveridge – Two Poems

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Here I am writing you a love-letter novel in these verses
and you are miles away comfortably asleep in a soft bed
and not all that separates us is wind

in fifteen miles of wind
are blowing petals, blowing verses
of flowers onto your bed

lift a rose that has fallen onto your bed
among a dozen carnations carried on this wind
it’s what I have sent in place of these verses

which I cannot give you until tomorrow

now lying here
I would give the sky
and the fire springing around me
to be able to touch with reverence and adoration your pillow
to possibly find a blonde hair which holds the very essence of you
and tie it around my wrist
to keep you always with me

unlike the petals
of the flowers you wear as clothing
your hair around my wrist
cannot be blown away by the wind between us.



Zola Wrote Tarantulas

that hang
upside down
in the web
of your philosophy

I can do nothing
but wait for you
to suck me dry
and build my web cocoon

I know tarantulas don’t spin
but you don’t bite
so it’s an even trade

when you chose your spider
in that long-ago drinking game
I should have realized
the way you’d keep me

just as a food source
so now you lack tampons
and decide to fill me again

sex goddess

you traded again
when you opted
to tattoo
the red hourglass
on your back

but by then
it was too late
for me

your food source
your lover
you cocooned vicarious pulse

Robert Beveridge makes noise (xterminal.bandcamp.com) and writes poetry just outside Cleveland, OH. Recent/upcoming appearances in The Machinery, Culture Cult, and Folk Horror Revival: Corpse Roads among others.


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