OWOBU O. AMOS – Daybreak in Benin

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Daybreak in Benin

It’s all in the day
when the night is away
Residents hold their hearts in their hands
when walking the lands
Motorists drive dreadfully
with anything-can-happen mentality
Benin City is on rampage
And where is her courage?
Each day dirges are conducted
On behalf of the departed
December 2004
Spells fear as never before
Corpses litter the streets
At the mercy of armed bandits
They seize Benin by the throat
As she wears tension like a coat
Helter-skelter they run
Including policemen with gun
The City is bespattered with chaos
And who knows what tomorrow has for us?
The day is a curse
To the night we have recourse
The night is given the safety of the day
The perils of the night now belong to the day
Brutality is at its peak
And terrorism makes the city sick
Christmas is celebrated in tears
Bloodbath as never seen in past years
There is shouting, wailing, and howling,
Yelling, mourning, in place of carolling
An outpour of grief
Enwraps the city like a leaf
Let December be gone!
Let sanity be on!
For when thuggery is lean
Celebration will be seen.


                                           OWOBU O. AMOS                                              

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