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of stars and their departures – Frank Eze

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of stars and their departures

(for Enitan)


your heavy heart

is not food enough

for that yawning grave


lighten up


stars are not of our clime

so do not ask me—

a graduate of grief—

why they never pass the night


look up to the skies


seek solace in the beauty

of stars in constellations

and like me, wear the scar

of each of your departed star

now and always with pride.

Frank Eze resides in Ibadan. His work has appeared in Praxis, Gnarled Oak, Antarctica Journal, Brittle Paper, COAL and many other journals of art. He won the 2016 edition of the Eriata Oribhabor Poetry Prize and he is currently working on his maiden collection of poetry, Amaranthine.


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