Nene Tetteh Adusu

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I am in the shadow;

A shadow behind a shadow;

Of translucence like night, a contrast,

Behind a pale window,

Gaiting past valleys low;

Of unfettered dreams

Bearing a song of sorrow

I cast myself: a dark shadow, ahead of time.


I am in the shadow,

A graven image pictured with thorns;

Thorn in my own side

Blooding myself white in this shadow



I am in the shadow:

A shadowy light; blurred surreal mirages

Casting vision in the throes of day

Of truth weighed in scenery: painted,

Designed along thoughts of Diop, Nkrumah, Camus,

Finding the sand in my skin.


I remain in the shadow:

My own shadow; perused.

I carry my shadow so fair

In a bile bitter than it tastes-


I am the shadow!


Tied to the strings of selfishness

All move in varicose needless ways

To satisfy a lingering mind, regardless.

Above the skies lies the lies

That bears the truth,

Deeply rooted in the clouds.

The moon just passed!

The sun is passing!

You keep hopping,

Hopping over the truth,


All neem trees are tall yet some stands taller,

A river bears a name yet different temperatures and depth.

You can hop and land and hop again

just to see what you will gain

but a man does not learn to hop

after feasting on a frog.

I was blinded but now I see,

I see the blindness that never blinded me.



Beauty walks in and out

As it walks out and in

In our trying moments.

We tear out watery fluids

and waste them in conduits

To Assase Yaa, the earth.

We waste that which comes

out of the core of our being

Effortlessly, With our heart’s throb

At the turn of pain’s knob.

There is beauty

casted in the shadows of the shadow

lurking behind our pain.

Tears are beautiful.

They clean our vision

and mountain us

to see this life clearly.

Tears are beautiful,

Until we caress each drop

With thanksgiving

then will we embrace tears whenever they fall.

Nene Tetteh Adusu


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