Isaac alesh Melchizedek – Confessions

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(With the brothers and sisters in North-Eastern Nigeria)



there are no stars in our sky tonight

only clouds,

there are no smiles on our desert cheeks

but drizzling tears,

the dawn is dead like a mango leaf

in June,

yellow as fever;

withering, ugly, trapped

upon by passers-by,

even, the deadness hurts.



life has prickled us

with its thousand needles

we hurt, deflating, we become

lonely balls in a field of grass

each grass: wild, untrimmed,

left alone to look after itself.



there are grasses on mango trees;

tears, too, in a dawning day.

our leaves are empty promises

that dare not leave the dream-forest,

our fear is the fear of dying men.


Isaac alesh Melchizedek

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