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How Did You Die? – Eniola Cole

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How Did You Die?


They said you died in your sleep

You went there again

And never came back

But the linger that bores a hole in me

Every time I open my heart to think

How did you die?

Did you sleep only to wake

On the other side of the life lane

Or did someone call your name?




Maybe you yielded

Grasping for air

Or was it the time set

Tick tocks ringing funeral bells?

Tell me how you left

And if peace reigns when you

Closed your eyes?

Stop teasing me with your presence

So long a reckless abandon

And absence

Diluted with misery

I ponder I suck

How did you die?

Did they stab you?

Of worries and little fries

Or pinches from the back side

Who came knocking on your door

When you barely can crawl

Who is the fellow

Shinning dark teeth

And sunken cheeks

Did she tell you to come?

Or did you give your life for one

But how did you die?

Tell me

Were you alone?

Did you sing tears

Or mourn in joyful rants?

Did you fall sick?

Or at you pain came in fame

I saw you three days ago

And you went away three days after

But whom did you tell?

Long tales, fragile bliss

Darkness looms at every corner.

Words that you owe

Who will tell them now

Shall I know?

And now that you are gone

I recall

Last sighs, hands dry

Why did they let you alone!

Let someone stone me with stone

For letting you go alone

How did your heart give up?

In your sleep thumping

Rising no more to slumping

See the tears welling up

In my eyes

Come back and tell me

The words that you owe

But who are all those people

Gathered over you

Where did they come from?

Do they know how you died?

Shall I ask them?

This thing that you fought

Was it what killed you?

How did you survive

All these years

With such an heavy burden?

Why didn’t you tell?

Is that how you died?

But who told you to go?

Weary, weary, you are weary

Tell me so I can know

Would you have talked with me

One last dying breath of words

One part, two parts

What’s the other part?

I am in an abyss

Of unspoken whispers

And lingering thoughts

Pain on empty slots

Fire dwelling in teary drops

Do tell me I beg thee

Who told you to go?

How did you die?

Eniola Cole is trapped in a spinning mind with a craving for creative finesse. She is a creative content writer, blogger and a learning enthusiast. She writes at, her forte for the book of her mind. She is the Media Manager of Lunaris Review.


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