Gentle Breeze – Robert Ebinabo Fortune

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Gentle Breeze

Bewail paltry ministry that gentle breeze chants.

Impatience and dream hack milestone and God’s whisper.

Bad the bat and die the ants

An ilk of life, best worse minister

Since sin seems some sound sister

Zip zome zips zat zare zes ztar.

But Hope soon finds hope

Go by the gentle breeze and bring hope.

Lief, lief, lackey of milky joy

Mothered by pureness as a boy

Gently, gently, gentle breeze,

He flags the rags on the meadow where he sleeps

Gently, gently, gentle breezes

He declaims the meager ruddy leaves that ruin thee

And Immanuelically perfected the immaculate blueprint

A death only known by his fingerprint

Gently, gently grip me

I’ve felt the thrashing of licking, defeating me

Maturely in our ill-bred head

Never has life been so tortured in a stead

But with his gentle touch that comes from the measureless measure-

Of his hand, I feel a fine fragrance of the future.

Maturely in our ill-bred head

Never has life been so tortured in a stead

Robert Ebinabo Fortune, num de plume, Ebi Robert, was hails from Egweama (paternal) and Obiata in Nembe (maternal), in Bayelsa state of Nigeria. He is a playwright, poet, essayist and advocate. He writes both legal and literal articles. He has written many poems too, some of which have been published both in national and international anthologies and magazines. Ebi Robert is a member of the Association of Nigerian Authors, ANA. He was a Finalist in Bayelsa State Poetry and Essay Competition, 2007, Winner, E.K Okorodas poetry competition, 2015 and First runner up in the Chrysolite Bi Monthly Poetry contest, 2016.


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