Francis Annagu – Africa! (A Child)

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Africa! (A Child)

Awake dark soul, rebuked
On the day of Nkrumah’s liberation,
From the armpit-breath of Western boots,
O Africa!
Awake child, you
Banished Zambezi child,
Hid between railway tracks
Of drunken mercenaries-crown freedom thorns,
And the forbidden silence of your mother’s call, salsa,
The dawning numb dance.
Wake! O child!
From this bantam-torture cell,
Finished with blood from your father’s bleeding wounds.
They scattered his bones to the black vultures, these
Coal-red hats of dubious colonials,
And founded through the Suez, rushing gold and milk.
Your mother’s call,
The stained-sour tongue of pure-love awakening.


Francis Annagu

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