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Epiphany on the Beach – Kevin Strang

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Epiphany on the Beach


I stand and ponder from beach shore,

Depths of my soul I reach for;

Along lava rock swoops a great wave,

If I were under its crash it would be an early grave,

The swells keep coming with much persistence;

It makes me wonder about my own existence.

Gazing up, the sun’s rays cascade on my face,

When I meet my demise, someone will just take my place;

Out in the sea are endless hues of beautiful blue,

I doubt I will be so remembered when my time is due;

As I view, I can feel surf bang against my legs,

Reflecting on the past, a deeper meaning my spirit begs.

Now my being is getting shorter for my time on Earth,

In all my life there seems such dearth;

The courage to change occurs to me in this cove,

The wisdom of life has to be selfless love;

For eternity I shall abstain from the ways greed,

Forever, I will help the suffering of those in need.

What a joy, spirit to do things so great,

I’ll repent of my ways and hope for Heavens gates.

Kevin Strang is an American poet from Flint, Michigan. There he graduated from the University of Michigan-Flint with a Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice along with a minor in Economics. He is now 44 years old an aspiring writer to be a creative writer.


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