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Money Is Magic

Money is magic, it buys happiness;

Abracadabra, make mine limitless.

First some tobacco, with a mug of beer,

then a château for each month of the year;

I’ll have dinner out, make it pheasant and crab,

then you can add a Rembrandt to the tab;

send for some fid’lers, let’s have a good time,

then rent out the Indies for a change of clime;

I think I would fancy some new boots with spurs,

then inquire with King Charles where he gets his furs;

I’ll have a coach-and-six, why should I walk,

then buy me a court or two, for some court talk;

I’ll purchase some feathers, adorn them with gems,

then find out how I can buy the River Thames;

I think a new doublet would spruce up my ruff,

then I’ll lease a sultanate to show off my stuff;

here’s a few coins for the poor beggar kids,

then get me the price on Eygpt’s pyramids;

I’ll have a new hat, I want to look sharp,

then get Barberini to sell me his harp;

I need a new saddle, mine’s feeling austere,

pad it with manuscripts by Bill Shakespeare;

a round of snuff, laddies, and wine, what the hell,

if you can’t find a napkin, use a Raphael;

order some cheesecakes at one pence a pop,

then get me the Alps, I’ll stick my mansion on top.

Money is magic, it buys happiness;

Abracadabra, your lack’s limitless.



Craig Kurtz

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  1. Sofia Kioroglou

    June 29, 2016 at 1:52 pm

    Absolutely brill!

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