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Couples – Penny Peyser

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They watched a couple on the screen embrace,

Their swollen lips caressing unabashed,

And hands enjoying such a languid pace

Of exploration, bodies all but lashed.

The darkness in the theatre well hid

The husband and his wife who didn’t touch,

Attempting to remember when they did

Desire each other even half as much.

The husband cleared his throat watching the scene

That caused the wife to gaze into her lap

And wonder at the space that lay between

The two of them and could they bridge the gap.

O, life’s merely another shade of gray

When passion’s embers cool and fade away.

Penny Peyser is a writer/actress/documentary filmmaker living in Los Angeles. Her sonnets have been published in Lighten Up Online, Chantwood Magazine, White Ash Literary Magazine, Rat Ass Review and Blessed Creation. Kindly visit her “Sonnets from Suburbia” YouTube Channel and follow her @penpeyser.


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