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Coitus interruptus – Alan John Campbell

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Coitus interruptus  


Listen for… the marriage of chimera resonating

congress of serpent and reptile

aquatic and terrestrial, winged wrestling with mechanic-earthbound logic,

engulfed, flooded by intuitive

instrumental fusions of grounded and esoteric

between night-visionaries and thermal seekers; adventurer wooing hermit

inert, windblown, current-borne – biologic, phobia-meets-philic

spoken and scribed – then read

between embossed truths, incised fakery spawning mischievous/(mercurial) spores.


Amalgamations of fleet feet and crawlers, spectra of red and violet

matrimony of ovum and sperm

forgotten, real, organic plastic, malleable recovered clay, passed with expected

immortal with expired.

Moving heat from the chiller; momentarily anti-ambient attitude

preserved spices mingling with fresh.


Cornering, encircling, sealing, leaping multiples at a time

pushing the envelope lagging punctuations

at once simultaneous and separated; distinct and conjoined.

Alan John Campbell is a Scottish poet living near Glasgow. He writes to make sense of common experiences in life and often these come in the form of spiritual or surreal expression, the latter ultimately being an occasional technique of last-resort survivalism through humour. He has been published in both the UK and US in The Cannon’s Mouth, The Seventh Quarry, The Lincoln Underground, Poetry Scotland, The Old Red Kimono and Visual Verse among others. He is working, hopefully acceleratingly, towards his first collection.


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