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Clouds – DJ Tyrer

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Grey-black clouds bruise the horizon

A rain-cheque that’s never cashed

A hollow threat to a weather eye

A promise repeatedly broken

Day ends as dry as it began

DJ Tyrer is the person behind Atlanteen Publishing, was placed second in the 2015 Data Dump Award for Genre Poetry, and has been published in The Rhysling Anthology 2016, issues of  Cyaegha , Carillon, Frostfire Worls, Illumen, The Pen, Scifaekuelst, Sirens Call, Tigershark  and California Quarterly, and online at Makata, Three Drops from a Cauldron, Bindweed, Poetry Paicific, Scarlet Leaf Review and The Muse, as well as releasing several chapbooks, including the critically acclaimed Our Story.


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