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Names Are Not Names

Names are not names:

They are mere expressions and undiluted feelings

Telling tales about life and death, things seen and unseen

The way we have been touched, things we don’t understand

The way we have been untouched, things we try to understand

Names are not names.


Names are not names:

They are mere expressions and diluted feelings

They are bridges between things said and unsaid

Fabricated instinct, violated hopes

Masqueraded true-self and mind influences

They are mere expressions.


Let the thought free, free the thought

We have been kissed so many times

In so many ways in various moments

But we found solace in names

Names are not names

They are expressions.


Of his own existence, man lacks definition

Man lacks solace from various ululating tribulations

Shackled in his own shadows

Expression becomes a home of hope; a solace

Name to things indefinable; he devices

He expresses his thoughts in names

He cannot find the truth; a complete truth

His true self lives in the name

Names are not names

They have become hopes in disguise

A succour of homestead

They are mere expressions.


                                     CHINUA EZENWA-OHAETO                                 

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