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(For Michael (Eureka);

Too sudden and early

To receive a farewell wish

That 31st December, 2012)


From home he comes,

Expelled by the need for bread,

And alone he toils

In sea of fields

Pushing hard his herd

Through throes of tides


Between heaps of smoke,

He keeps some good

He shares with all

But alone he morsels his loss

Like the wood-insect

Carries its sticks


Amidst semblance of green

He forages for pasture all alone

And swings about

This vast arid

For some seeming oasis

Reposing there


Alone, day feeds him with heat

Except for the songbird

That gives him rhymes; and

The good moon that goes with him

When lonely, he consumes

The cold of night


Except for his dream

Of bright, rippling brook

Abut green grass

Alone, lonely shepherd sleeps

In his six feet



I know of a belle

With wings


And she stands pearly

Among her pears


Disgorging the wind

Of a new dawn.


Bright undying creation


The brass bell of call,

The one moon outruns

Thousands a star


Bisi Abiola

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