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Bello Oluwadamilare

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Bello Oluwadamilare is a graduate of English, University of Ibadan. He concerns himself with Art and its diversified genres. He is a radical thinker, philosopher in thoughts, an essayist, writer, a book reviewer, a poet, a photographer and an editor of visual arts. As an innovative individual, he expresses himself through his personal blog “Undareyted Blog” where he offers most of his eclectic predispositions. He is a member of the Iron Writer, an online writing group that promotes the grandeur of prose fiction. He was also a member of the now defunct group, “African Literary Wits”, a literary group geared towards promoting Pan-Africanism. His works have been featured in some online groups and writing competitions. He is a literary aficionado. Bello is a co-Founding Editor of Lunaris Review.

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