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Salvation for Sale

The masses grope for promise of salvation.

So I nominate myself to their service

Never shall I waste years



While others crawl from dark holes

To bask in limelight

And live mendicants

On the alms of the lost sheep.


For God no longer employ his servants,

The vacancy is open

For thou that have a business plan

And bargaining chips.


So I shall pay touts

To fish me men,

Prelude my service with a celeb’s hook

So as to beguile their flock.


And have the populace hail

And accord me honorary titles

And even politicians and celebrities,

Grovelling at my feet.


Some shall have at their throats, my silhouettes

My stickers defacing their vehicles

And many others professing

My handshake stirs their souls


The world shall be blind to my fallibility

But confess

The inane words I rattle

Heal up their ills.


Brethren, here comes your salvation-broker

Make not your hearts, but purses ready.


                                 AYINBIRE ALEBNA BLESSMOND                                   

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