Arhin Tsiwah

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Nana Arhin Tsiwah studies Geography and Economics at the University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, Ghana. He is a cultural ideologist of Pan-African consciousness, an awensemist (poet) that tells of hunter’s trails for ‘Akanism’, known in literary circles as “The Village Thinker”. Tsiwah is an orator and a linguist performer. Nana doubles as the Vice-President and PRO of Creative Writer’s Club of the University of Cape Coast. Also, the Creative Director and Chief Linguist in a literary and creative writing hub, The Village Thinkers. He has for the past years served as a columnist for www.spyghana,com and As a poet and Africanism writer, his writings have been featured in several online journals like;, et al. Tsiwah, a village servant, keeps his writing ink in the village sands of, his blog. Tsiwah is a Literary Editor for Lunaris Review.

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