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Aquatic Testament – Ladipo Ademola

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Aquatic Testament


Viscous reflection of divine,

Washing my tears away.


To life, you lubricate my way.

Will you still wash my temple to grave?

First created creating creations.

And the first shall come the last.

Flowing ancient of days,

In your rumble is the voice of God.



Here was once my shade:

Semen, sweat, spit

Mucus, tears, blood.

Vocal aquarium I am.


She tickle the greens to grin.


Sacred fleet of stairs.

Through you, dust ascend to man.

Through you, man descend to dust.

Ladipo Ademola is a graduate of the Polytechnic Ibadan, a web and graphics designer. Second in the family of seven, he is a product of a polygamous home where he draws ranges of his firsthand life experiences. Change cannot come from the top but from the bottom; he strongly believes a problematic society is the collective consciousness of a problematic individual psyche, which is why he holds the vision of changing the world through his writings.

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