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“Yes sir. I know sir. I’ll solve it before Friday sir. Yes sir. Thank you, sir. Bye.”

Mark Clayton sighed as he ended his boss’ call. This case was taking him more time than usual. It never took him more than eleven days to solve any case and reveal the culprits. Even the case on the murder of the President’s son-in-law took him only nine days. But this case…six weeks on and he had no clue of who the culprit was.

The culprit. Weird fellow. Went after only short unattractive females. Clayton even found himself envyingly admiring the fellow’s signature move. He would sneak up behind them, fully masked. When they turn to face him, they cower and then he knocks them out with the tree-trunk-sized-left-arm of his, incise them from forehead to navel, and then simply engrave his signature, which Clayton suspects are his initials, ‘J. A.’ on each side of the incised head. Then he leaves their remains at the sidewalk of Awolowo road, Ikoyi.

Clayton had already begun to give up on the case. His health was failing as well. “Work-related stress,” Doctor said. He would sleep early, but wake up fagged out the next morning. This morning however, his Boss had called him to tell him of the new findings. The previous night, “Mr. J.A.” had written out his name in full on his victim’s forehead, forename on one side and surname on the other. ‘Joe Aito’, he wrote the names boldly on his work board. A glimmer of hope. Finally!

Next day, he picked his best eleven men in his unit. If this man is as hefty as eyewitnesses say, three men would not be able to pin him to the ground. They (he being the leader) were to keep awake all night, patrolling the sidewalks of Awolowo road, Ikoyi, in anticipation of Joe Aito. Patrol time: 8pm-7am.

8pm, they convened at the Falomo roundabout. Patrol commenced. Each man came fully prepared; baton, loaded guns, cuffs.

Time was 2:30am. Mark Clayton felt a throb in his head. He sat down to rest. A migraine was on its way. His vision became blurred. His iris darkened, until they  became one with the night. Then he sprung up, not as Mark Clayton, but as Joe Aito. Mark Clayton had been suppressed, Joe Aito took over the body they both shared…as had been the state of affairs for the past 49 nights.

                                                        ANTONIO EMEKA                                                          

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