Andy N.

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Dipped in Movements

Camera ready his lens

Throws out clicks like words


Catching movements

Like vowels


Skittering sounds

Into footsteps



Embossed across shadows


Counter picking years in the past

From Checker to the Drifters


Softened with saturation

In fruitful sobriety


Constructing memories each minute

Of dance steps almost forgotten


Watching people raise

Their hands in the air


Shooting against the light.


Brighton in September

Forgetting you are full

Of a cold for five minutes


Your scarf spins around in circles

Back from the front


All the way past Daves on the lines

For the second time


Walking into the hazy mist

Two graphic novels in hand


Lost in memories of last night’s

All nighter on the beach


Dancing to the obscurity

Of the moonlight in damaged beats


Thrust up words

Lost in song


Grabbing the end of summer

By the hand.


                                               ANDY N                                                  

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