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Do you remember …?

When you use to corkscrew

Your anatomy on members of men

That suffered from the disease of hedonism.

Do you remember …?

Then, like a python on estrus

You twined with anything

Built and virile,

Defiling propriety with men lascivious. Nymphomania.

Now, nausea dances

On the cynosure of your womb

And apathetic cues are the order of your day

You mourn your rueful past.


I only wished you

Never bowed to the whims

Of youthful exuberance, Muna.


The ambience of your antecedent

Smells like the urine of a god

Whose kidney has been extolled

By cults of propagandas.

It stinks like the corpse of a fly

That embraced the idiocies of deceit

At the herald of dainties. Covetousness.

I see you deterge with antiseptics,

Antiperspirants, colognes,

Under showers of redemption.

But is that necessary?

When you are plagued with avid- bromhidrosis:

The disease that fraternises with odours

That pervades from the conscience of the greedy.

Ajise Vincent

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