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Ajantiele – David Amore

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(Song of Precaution)


Have you heard of Orunmila’s caveat?
Astride zest of immoral dealings
Have you heard the briefing of Ajantiele
An admonition song that gods voice.

Consultation they say its duly depicts
For Opele will never absurdly speak
Enactment they called its noble bearings
For tangibility dwells in Ifa’sclamouring.

Obatala they say sojourns in mysteries
Oyeku they call emblem of sensitivity
Agbonmiregun they say cribs in potency
For homage is what they duly forfeits.

Ifayemi listens to the gods interdiction
And “imho” of the malevolent spirit
Ifafunmilayo listens to ordained prescript
And the potency of their monitoring.

Fáfúnwá hearkens heart to this story
Fágbénró may you go on and sustain me
I say this was the myths of my journey
From the summons of Esubeleke’s charges

Fáyẹmi sits and reprieves these ideologies
I said on my voyage, I meet sympathies
I meet Aye-koto with recalcitrant blustering
I heard its pleasantries of advisory.

Slaloming my way towards Osun river
Where on trees incubus adheres to things
I heard the cuckoo’s indigenous sprout
Of Ajantiele, Ajantiele in soothing rhymes.

Odidere perching upon Iroko’s slab
Aluko virtuously nesting on the other side
Spewing songs of remonstrance
Of Ajantiele, Ajantiele in accorded rhymes.

They sang with eerie voices that I can hear
They sang of these homages that I bare
They sang of you; they sang of me
They sang of Fálàna and ̀Fadójútimi.

They sang of helping, giving and sharing
They sang of loving and also for caring
They sang of grain enough for gleaning
They sang of life and sense of timing.

They sang of actions and consequences
They sang of secrets you’ve been hiding
They sang of life and her travesties
They sang of moderation and its benefits.

They sang of limbs that are ladened
They are of wrought that is burdened
They sang of hearts and mindful meed
Of AjantieleAjantiele in soothing verses

They sang of of eyes that are dewy
They sang of steps that are slipping
They sang of might and overbearings
AjantieleAjantiele the song on their lips.

They sang of what and the wherefores
They sang of that and the therefore
They sang of remarks with questionable phrase
That will become known ‘one of these days.

Abeni please never put the food on coal
Ajani please never flog pestle with dynamos
For a song is on for ears to modulate
A forethought sung of Ajantiele Ajantiele.

Amore David is a revolutionary columnist and a poet that writes in parabolic style, conventional genre – and sees scenes in epic dynamism of traditional epilogues, eulogies and captivating artistic poetry. He is typically known as Ajanaku for the works he trades cannot be neglected by mortals, gods or incubus.


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