The grandeur of art as aesthetic and the resultant effects are one which the conscious mind can only hope to satiate; although, on another pedestal, parallel to this temporal immemorial need is that ability of man to fashion a juggernaut (Art) capable of surging through the chaos of time continuum to provide us the priceless heritage that defines us as unique species – heritage that otherwise would have been lost to decades of ignorance.

What better way to understand such heritage than through that which best understands our nature and us? What better way than through that which Lunaris Review holds dear. 

Lunaris Review is a quarterly online literary and art journal based in Nigeria, with the ultimate goal of bringing together creative minds to a common platform of artistry and beauty while providing the audience a satisfying read. The journal features fiction, creative nonfiction, essays, poetry, artworks and photography by established and emerging writers.

If you would like your work to be considered for our journal, our editorial team happily welcomes submissions of literary fiction (flash fiction and short story), creative nonfiction, essays, poetry, artworks and photography. We look forward to sharing your creativity. For further guidelines, please visit our submissions page.

Email: africa@lunarisreview.com