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A Cycle of Futility – Uduak Uwah

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A Cycle of Futility


A tread mill occupation

A roller coaster marathon


The future of gas

The history of ice


The fate of poultry

From the hatchery to cutlery


The necessity of money

The utility of honey


The zeal of the dung beetle

The appeal of sheer evil


The agony of penury

The allure of luxury


The prodigy of birth

The ego of death


The fury of hostility

The burden of sanity


A cycle of futility

Uduak Uwah is an emerging Nigerian poet, lyricist, and songwriter. Based in Calabar, Nigeria’s first capital and its number one tourist destination, Uduak, also known as Whill, employs gripping rhythm and rhyme to convey truths pertaining to various aspects of everyday living in stirring poetic language. He has an ever expanding archive of song demos and lyrics to his credit. And you can find him at


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