Ezifeh Chinua – Dawn

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He saunters

With a warm smile, casting

Beams and beams of light,

On the sombre face of night;

Bathing the infant day

In a cold drizzle of quiet dew.

Majesty, the melodies

Of your avian orchestra

Paints peace on my haunted heart,

Soothing my solemn soul,

Erasing the damned droppings

Of night’s neighing mares

On my nocturnal passage.

You who saved me

From dark dishes of night’s food,

Will you not again feed

Morsels of dreams to my hungry mind

When, with the infant day, I yawn?

Silent, in the dark terrors of night

We have waited, tensed

Our breaths marooned

In longing lungs,

For night’s imminent demise

Or our own

We exhale

Ezifeh Chinua

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